Recovery Lip Balm 12ml / 0.4 fl. Anti-pollution, anti-aging restoring lip treatment with a hint of color. Global Age System – 97% natural Designed to care for one of the most delicate parts of the body, CASMARA UrbanProtect Recovery LIP BALM: an instant multifunctional lip perfecter with a subtle hint of Rose Gold color, which intensely restores, plumps, creates a protective urban shield and prevents signs of aging, restoring their youthful beauty. UrbanProtect Recovery Lip Balm is an intensive hydro-nourishing lip treatment made with organic natural active ingredients, with a subtle Rose Gold shade which instantly restores, comforts and beautifies, providing full, plump lips. Furthermore, its extraordinary anti-pollution formula strengthens the protective skin barrier of the lips, shielding from the effects of free radicals, contamination (pollution and chemical agents) and photo-aging. Have beautiful, cared-for lips every day.