FIRMING MOISTURIZING CREAM   A new cosmetic concept developed from the fusion of 100% natural MARINE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, certified by ECOCERT® as 100% Natural. Formulated with Seawater, which revitalizes and tones thanks to the high content of trace elements and Seaweed Extracts with innovative properties. A treatment rich in natural ingredients which stimulates cellular activity at an extraordinary level. AN ECO NATURAL PRODUCT LINE. Action Retaining 97% more moisture than hyaluronic acid. Activating 14 genes responsible for skin firmness. Detains and reverses cellular ageing. Deep firming effect, restoring lost volume Results After 15 days of HYDRA LIFTING beauty care: 85% more toned 90% firmer 70% more hydrated skin. Active ingredients WAKAME KELP EXTRACT : Powerful firming and rejuvenating active ingredient JUVENESSENCE® : A rejuvenating active ingredient extracted from Alaria Esculenta seaweed. It detains and reverses cellular ageing (cell-detox).